Creative Design Studio

Creative Design Studio makes you a unique Website in Flash and Html.

We will sketch you a successful concept and a unique design - like - Websites, 3d art, logos, flyer's, visiting cards, e-cards and more.

I will create the design for you and convert your ideas into a reality. I guarantee only what I can deliver, then:"much light throws also a large shadow".
Improve your business! And you present your business/products better with a website.


Creative Design Studio

We work with various programs in the 3d environment.
There is a multiplicity of situations in their(her) one visualization the single possibility represents to the customer or interlocutor quickly a view about a product to work or to inform about a subject state.

I offer consultation, step by step - you ask me - i advise it.
A three dimensional object has height, width and depth.

Some computer games are described as being 3D because the virtual game world has these three dimensions, and the virtual world can be viewed from different angles in the 3D space. 3D computer graphics are different from 2D computer graphics in that a three-dimensional representation of geometric data is stored in the computer for the purposes of performing calculations and rendering 2D images.

Flash Websites are surely somewhat special, because of the animations and the flexibility. Creativity has no border...make your dream online with Flash. Let your business partner see, what for a company you have.

At small projects or middle I work alone. Web page or logos as well as visiting cards or flyers and e-cards also. You have a large project? Then I work in a team of capable and motivated colleagues, who learned also the 3D from the ground on, then cope the desired work also at the right time.
Now and then i loosen also problems of hardware and software. When you have a problem like that, you can contact us. Attention (this service is only available in Switzerland).